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Everything that you should know about the Towelroot v5 at one place

Today’s article will be on the Towelroot v5. It is going to answer all doubts that you have on this topic. Get answers to all your questions and get to know more about the Towelroot v5. The article will be a discussion on everything that you should know regarding the Towelroot v5.



Is the Towelroot APK (latest version) v4/v5 for Android free download available?

Yes, the Towelroot v4 and v5 latest version APK is now available, and you could get it for free. It is available for Android as well as other smartphone’s devices. It is one of the best rooting software for Android devices.  Many Android users are using the Towelroot v5 to root their Android devices. If you want to get started with rooting devices, it is best that you get this rooting software. The reason why you should root your device is that its performance is getting poorer day by day and also your device has become very slow.  Root your device and get started as if it is a new & fresh device. The Towelroot v5 is best to root devices.

What are the features of Towelroot app APK?

Do you know the features of the Towelroot app? The APK version has interesting features. Here are some of those features. If you look at the Towelroot app, you will see that it is a free app that you can have on Android and other smartphones. It also runs on a rooting setup that is very easy to carry out.  It is also a totally free app that will enhance the speed of your device. This application stands as one of the best rooting software applications. In brief, the features are

  • Best and perfect rooting application
  • Increases devise speed
  • Supports all Android devices
  • Easy to handle on your device

How is it possible to describe the Towelroot v5 in just one sentence?

This application is regarded as Geohot’s wireless Android rooting software.

When this application was first released?

This application was first released in the early 2015’s.

What is the mechanism behind the rooting process?

There is a certain process behind the rooting mechanism. In the method of rooting, Modstrings are used.

What is rooting?

Rooting is a procedure where users get to access the central system of the Android device. What happens is that you get the privilege to modify and do changes on your device. You are able to take control of all limitations that have been imposed on the device.  You could do whatever changes you wish to do by reaching into the sub-system of the phone.

Why it is necessary that you root your device?

Rooting your device will let you have certain benefits. Just after you root your device, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits. You will be able to run smart applications on your device, free up the memory making your device run faster and then your device could run on the Custom ROM.

You will be able to modify system files as an advantage of rooting. Next, you could download other special applications that run only on rooted devices. Incompatible apps  also can install, and you could easily unlock features that appear as “My Android features.” Also, you get the key to remove or else uninstall applications that have been already installed on your device.

What type of Android devices does the Towelroot latest application supports?

The latest version supports Android devices such as

  •  KitKat version
  •  Lollipop version
  •  Marshmallow version
  •  Nougat version

How to install the Towelroot V4 APK?

Look at the steps below on the V4 APK installation on any Android device, follow the below procedure. First, you will have to download the Towelroot APK onto your device. If you have downloaded the application on to your PC, you will have to move the application to your Android mobile device. Next, you will have to run the APK file and install the APK. After the APK is successfully installed on your device, you will have to open the application and let it run on your device. Next, start rooting your device.

How to install Towelroot V5 APK?

What should you do if you want to install the Towelroot V5 APK.? The procedure is the same as the V4. You will have to get the APK file downloaded, install the file and then proceed to root your device. This application is helpful as it gives you the chance to enjoy all features of Android.


What versions are available?

This application comes in several versions. The first basic version is the TowelRoot V1, next the bug fixed version is the TowelRoot V2, then the enhanced version will be the TowelRoot V3. It is the most used version and one of the best versions.  The TowelRoot V4 was found for Specific devices and the latest version which is the TowelRoot V5.

How to install Towelroot App on your phone?

Follow the steps on how you could install any version of the application on your device. First, download the TowelRoot APK and enable USB debugging. You can enable debugging by going to the Developer option in the settings. After that, you will have the Enable Unknown Source Option that is available in Settings. The procedure is to go to Settings, under settings the Lock Screen & Security, next to the Scroll bottom and finally enable “Install from Unknown Source.”

The steps are coming to an end now. You are ready now to install the APK. You are going to install it from file explorer. After the app successfully installs it will automatically open.  Now you can easily root your device. For this you will have to click on the button to root devices and if your device is compatible the rooting of your device will happen then and there.

Is it possible to unroot devices after rooting has taken place?

You might need the proper answer to this question. Let me answer. Yes, it is possible to unroot all Android devices that have been rooted. For this purpose, you have a unique application which is “Unroot my phone” from the Google play store.

Are there any disadvantages of Rooting?

Yes, there are certain disadvantages. For example, you will lose your warranty, and you could get it once again by unrooting your mobile device. You will not get any of the OTA updates. Sometimes your mobile device will get damaged, and it will undergo bricking.

What is the working version of this application?

The only working application is the Towelroot V3.

Who created this application?

It was Geohot, who created this application. He is a famous XDA developer. All Android devices that run on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system or the versions before KitKat could use this application.

What are some of the other Towelroot Features?

Here we have few of other Towelroot features. This application runs on the technique of the Simple One-Click. You can use this application simply by installing the application and clicking on the Make it Ra1n button. It is also known for its size. This application is the smallest rooting app that one could find. The app size is closer to 100kb. Any Android device that runs between 2.2 and 4 can have this application on their device.  The other interesting feature is that it does not need an Internet connection. You can use the app without an Internet connection.

What are the options available if this application does not work on my device?

It is rare that such occurrences happen because the Towelroot supports many Android devices. However, in case you find that there is no support for the application to root your device. You could try other applications such as the

  • Framaroot
  • 360 Root
  • iRoot
  • KingRoot
  • Root Genius For Mobile

Is rooting safe with this application?

Yes, it is safe and to be more on the safe side, have your sim card removed and also the SD card so that you will not give personal information to hackers.

What are the positives of this application?

This rooting application will improve the performance of your device, and it will also improve your lifestyle. The benefits are that you could overclock your device, you can also control your device and backup all your important, necessary stuff. This rooting application also supports in saving your battery for longer hours.

You could get another root-only app like the Greenify to help you in saving the battery life of your device.

What to do Fix TowelRoot, if Phone does not Support Problem?

You get this error because the application does not support your device. The modstrings are not supporting. So what can you do? Change the modstrings manually to solve this problem.

These are some of the frequent questions on this topic. You might now be happy with the given answers. Get the Towelroot application and see for yourself what it is going to offer you.