Towelroot V5 Download for Android – Latest Version

Hello friends  today we are going to introduce you the latest Android rooting app it is towelroot v5.”V5″ is the latest version of Towelroot which is also the best application to root your Android application among various rooting application on the internet. Towelroot v5 is an application which was updated to be the latest by overcoming the challenges of older versions of Towelroot. There were four versions of Towelroot before Towelroot v5. Developer of latest version is George Hotz which is also knownas Geohot who developed many creative applications including jailbreak software for Apple Inc.

Towelroot v5

 Towelroot cannot be found in the Play Store which is the hub of all the Android Applications. Towelroot v5 is being introduced to you as independent software where you have to access straight to the Towelroot official web page and download the application. So in this article we are going to explain Android users how find Towelroot on the internet without mixed up with other rooting applications, how to install this one to your Android device, specifications which has to be in your Android device to install Towelroot v5 and pros and cons in installing Towelroot v5 to your device based on the user reviews and Android experts.

Why you should use Towelroot v5?

 Is your Android device slow? The internal memory is filled with unnecessary junk applications and files? Do you want to delete your unwanted files safely from your drive without affecting to your system files? Do you want to unlock the true capability of your android device? The solution is simple, you need to root your device using efficient and smooth Android rooting app.

 Towelroot v5 is the best rooting app you can download which is small in size, but despite of the small size the efficiency and accuracy of the application is up to the standards. Unlike many other applications on internet this one provides you free download while it provides full functioning to its users. Process of rooting by the latest version of Towelroot is speedy when compared to other applications. Also connecting your drive to PC in order to root is absolutely unnecessary. Developer has provided all the requirements to root your device with Towelroot latest version within your device itself. Unlike many applications on the internet Towelroot v5 does not need an internet connection to function, it works 100% offline. You only need the internet connection to download the application from the web site.

 With your own experiences you might know that there are some applications which cannot be functioned on the device if it is not rooted. So the answer is simple just download Towelroot v5 which ensures you the best results.

Rooting your device using Towelroot latest version is super easy. You can do it in one single click.

Compatible devices

 To use Towelroot v5 in your drive your Android OS and the device have to be supported to Towelroot v5. Following Android devices are identified to be compatible with Towelroot v5. Also the application can be used on the devices manufactured by companies such as Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, etc if they possess Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 Active.Samsung Galaxy S5 – AT&T & Verizon.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – AT&T & Verizon.Nexus 5.LG G3

 Your Android OS also equally important as the device in order to successfully install the Towelroot v5.towelroot is an app designed specifically to work on Android operating systems.The developers expect latest Android OS in your device to get full functioning. As Towelroot v5 is the latest version if you device has following versions of Android OS you can use the latest version of Towelroot successfully.

Android KitKat Version 4.4 – 4.4.4.Android Lollipop Version 5.0 – 5.1.1,Android Marshmallow Version 6.0 – 6.0.1.Android Nougat Version 7.0 – 7.1.2

How to download and Install Towelroot v5?

1st step

You cannot find Towelroot on Play Store, so you can download Towelroot v5 from the following link which we have provided. Android users may confuse to download unknown application to your drive due to the corrupted applications which harm your device but with Towelroot you are totally safe.

2nd Step

When you install Towelroot v5 you have to follow few extra steps unlike you download it straightly from Play Store. You have to download the application to your memory and then you have to install it manually. So stick to following steps.

Open the application from Downloads> Settings> Security> Enable installation from “unknown Sources”

3rd step

Click Install

4th Step

Open the application after installation

How to get things started with Towelroot v5?

            After successfully install the application go to the menu and open the application. Then click on the button “make it ra1n” which you can start the rooting process immediately. If you get the conformation within few seconds and your device reboots which means the process is successful.

What are the pros and cons of Towelroot v5?


  • Towelroot latest version (v5) is totally free
  • Small in size (111 kb)
  • Can function offline
  • Functions without a PC
  • Root your device in one click
  • supports many numbers of Android devices compared to old versions.
  • Towelroot v5 also has the functions to unroot your drive.


  • Towelroot latest version(v5) can be sometimes harmful to your drive. After the installation of the application it has a slight possibility to shut down your drive completely.

Keep in mind

  • If you interested in latest version of Towelroot  first check whether your device possess above requirements which need to be there in order to get the 100% results from Towelroot v5
  • Check whether your device can still claim warranty. If you can rooting your device will disqualify in claiming the warranty from the manufacturers.
  • Towelroot latest version is compatible with most of Android devices, under special circumstances your device may not compatible with Towelroot v5.